Choose your weapon of choice.

-your legacy will live on forever-


3 hours
150 edited photos
online gallery
ex transport

6.000 dkk


6 hours
300 edited photos
online gallery
ex transport

11.800 Dkk


10 hours
600 edited photos
online gallery
1 hour meeting
ex transport

18.800 DKK


Do you shoot destination weddings?

I surely do.

Will there be a second shooter?

No. But if you think it would be necessary it can be arranged. Of course the price will be different.

Do you shoot video?

Yes. But the price will be somewhat higher.

What kind of gear do you use?

Simply the best there is.

Do I have to order prints through you?

You will be able to download all your pictures in high resolution and do whatever you think is the best solution. There will be an option in the gallery where you can pick favorite photos and send them directly to a printshop. Easy and cheap.

Do you speak danish?

Of course. But also English, Serbo-Croatian and a little German- jawohl.

Let´s get it on!